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Why Thousands of Students Trust Us

Effective Learning Framework

We drive the research on how people learn into the classroom by equipping teachers with a deep understanding of its implications within the disciplines of language and literature, mathematics, the sciences, and history and social studies. We build teachers’ capacity to use this research to support effective learning by engaging students’ preconceptions and helping learners systemically build and organize their knowledge, and take ownership of their learning processes.

Detailed In-Depth Courses

Our courses aim at providing specific training on many aspects of these procedures to improve both the knowledge and skills of the participant. Students get a deep insight into the subject and encouraged to look beyond the books and explore the subject with experiential learning.

Experienced Instructors

We have a resource pool of competent teachers with high academic qualifications and professional experience. The regular faculty comprises of distinguished academicians and leading professionals with rich industry experience. In addition to the regular faculty, leading professionals from the industry interact regularly with the students. 

Interactive Live Classes

A real interactive classroom experience with video, quizzes & more. The instructors teach, and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face but via internet-enabled technology devices. Rich learning experience via multimedia content assignment & homework. Brainstorming, idea and discussions happen in real-time.

On-spot doubt clearance

Online live classes are provided with on the spot doubt clearance, and 24×7 doubts support. After every class to ensure complete mastery of the topic, clearing of doubts happens using ‘chat’ with the teacher. 

Powerful Learning Tool

We believe that creating powerful learning for students means creating powerful learning for adults. Experiences should be flexible, allowing students to engage with the content in ways that best suit their learning style. Over the course of the last few years, we have led professional learning online. 

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