We Prepare you for Future

Era World is an established training institute to provide an ideal learning platform for aspirants who want to pursue higher studies abroad. We provide result-oriented coaching methodology by professionals, to prepare the students for IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, CAT, and SAT entrance examinations and provide them a congenial environment under which they can develop their personality and face challenges in life.

Apart from preparing students thoroughly for an outstanding performance at the exam, our lectures on time management, stress management, study skills, career guidance, and achieving success have been found very useful by our students over the years. 

Best Teachers

Our faculty add experience and value to student’s learning constantly with advanced teaching techniques and quick doubt clarification. In addition, our experienced faculty also strive hard for extensive coverage of all courses in the form of lectures, study material, and tests to ensure that students cover everything.

Personalized Guidance

The teachers of Era World have periodical brain-storming sessions among themselves to plan their teaching method, monitor their own performances, gain feedback from fellow members of the faculty and constantly think of providing more effective inputs to students to help them perform to their greatest potential.

Advanced Learning Platform

We strongly believe that giving students the right environment for the study is an important aspect of the student’s success at the competitive entrances. Accordingly, the institute makes extensive investments in infrastructure, creating a space that is conducive for long hours of study and which facilitates a serious approach and concentration among students.

Expert in the field

With its good amount of experience, Era World has carved the careers of thousands of students by enabling them to take a berth in various institutes abroad so far and has proved to be an undisputed leader in the field of education. The training center is working with a commitment to promote Excellence and Perfection in teaching and enhance the success of every study abroad Aspirant.