If you want to become an international student and apply to an English-taught program abroad, you already know you need to prove you master the language very well. And you probably know that one of the ways to do it is with a TOEFL certificate (“Test of English as a Foreign Language”).

TOEFL is a standardized test that measures your English skills, and how well you can use English in an academic setting. Therefore, TOEFL scores are often used in the university admission process. These exam scores are accepted by all universities in the U.S. About 10,000 universities in 130 countries accept TOEFL, including Canada, the UK, and Australia. All top 100 universities in the world accept TOEFL. The test is useful for other purposes as well: going to high school abroad, going to a short course or an exchange program, and even applying for a student visa. Henceforth, at the best TOEFL coaching in Chennai, we offer effective and reliable career assistance to the students to help them achieve their dream of studying and settling abroad.

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If you have passed your 10+2 level from any Indian education board, you are eligible for TOEFL. The level of TOEFL is suitable for students studying in high school, or higher.  High school students can take TOEFL to get just the test score. 


  • Total Questions: 30–40 questions
  • Test Duration: 54–72 minutes
  • Reading sections 3 or 4 passages from the academic texts and answering questions based on them.


  • Total Questions: 28-38
  • Test duration: 41-57 minutes
  • Listening sections to lectures, conversations, classroom discussions, and then answer questions based on them.

Break: 10 minutes


  • Total Questions: 4 tasks
  • Test duration: 17 minutes
  • Students need to express their opinion on a topic familiar to them and speak based on reading and listening tasks


  • Total Questions: 2 tasks
  • Test duration: 50 minutes
  • Students need to write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks, along with supporting the opinion in writing.

Candidates need to understand how each section scored. After ten days of giving the exam, students receive an email from ETS when their scores are available. One can check the TOEFL scores online. Candidates receive the printed reports of their scores through email after 13 days of the TOEFL Test Date. The four-section scores of the TOEFL exam divided into four sections of the total scores mentioned below.


  • Score Range : 0–30
  • Mean Scores: 20


  • Score Range : 0–30
  • Mean Scores: 19


  • Score Range : 0–30
  • Mean Scores: 19


  • Score Range : 0–30
  • Mean Scores: 20

Total Score

  • Score Range : 0–120
  • Mean Scores: 80

The online registration procedure of the TOEFL test is simple and quick to follow. Within four steps, the registration process will get over. Go to the official website for registration. Register for the TOEFL test by accessing the internet at any time.

Follow the given below steps to appear for TOEFL examination:

  • Go to the TOEFL website
  • Choose the TOEFL Test in which you want to appear from – TOEFL iBT or TOEFL PBT.
  • Schedule for the TOEFL examination date by selecting the day provided by ETS
  • Fill details such as Name, Address, Gender, etc. in the form as mentioned in your Passport.
  • Make payment via modes such as Debit cards, Credit cards, e-check or PayPal.

If you wish to register on the phone then you can do so by chatting with the executives of TOEFL. This sort of TOEFL registration is care-free and will be fully handled by the interactive experts at the TOEFL examination center confirming the seat for the TOEFL exam. If you are planning to register for the TOEFL test by phone, complete the process within seven days prior to the exam day.

Given below are the steps of TOEFL Phone registration:

  1. First, visit the TOEFL website
  2. Choose the region and find the phone number given for your region
  3. Then give the required details and schedule for the TOEFL examination
  4. Then make a transaction of TOEFL registration/exam fee via Credit card or Debit card or Paypal or also via e-check

Given below are the steps of TOEFL Mail registration:

  1. First download and fill the TOEFL registration form
  2. Select the method of payment
  3. Send the filled copy and payment receipt to RRC. Avail the contact details on TOEFL’s website

The TOEFL fee varies as per the country you are taking the exam in. The TOEFL cost in India is  US$180. Late registration is likely to cost you another US$40, and rescheduling it will cost you US $60.

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